Nutriculture Flo-Gro 500 Système Complet

59 EUR incl. btw


System FLO-GRO 500 developed and conceived by Nutriculture will allow you by his simplicity and its compactness is:

- to initiate you with the joy of the hydroponie at weak price.
- to preserve your favorite plants in a reduced space.

Of innovating design, Flo Gro 500 is composed of 2 vats:

- a reserve of 17 liters for the nutritive solution.
- a vat of culture of 14 liters.

Operation is very simple:

A pump located in the tank goes up the solution in the vat of culture by the ring of distribution. Made distribution at various points, in order to maximize the exchange with the roots and to ensure a perfect oxygenation of the solution.
The submerged pump in the solution is very quiet and to function little either uninterrupted, or by cycles.

Dimensions of Flo-Gro 500:

Width: 55 cm
Length: 44 cm
Height: 28 cm


Reserve of 17 liters nutritive solution. 

Vat of culture of 14 liters. 

Water pump MJ320.

Complete water column


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