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Repulse Power : quelle est l’efficacité de ce dispositif de répulsion ?

Rodents, insects and other pests are a major problem for nature and human well-being. Indeed, when these pests invade your home, they can very quickly become a source of discomfort and stress. Fortunately there are many natural and ecological techniques to get rid of them. Among these methods is Repulse Power, a mechanism that helps repel pests using ultrasound. But what is it actually about? How does it work and is it really effective?

Repulse Power: what is it?

Repulse Power is a repulsion mechanism developed by the American company Repulse Technologies. It comes in the form of a white box whose format is similar to that of a remote control. Powered by an AA battery, this device works using ultrasound acting on the nerves of pests to repel them.

Repulse Power is very discreet and can be installed anywhere in your home, such as your garage, your garden, etc. It is also sold with an adapter used to connect it to a wall outlet.

What do you know about how the Repulse Power device works?

The way Repulse Power works is to send sounds at a specific frequency. These ultrasounds are imperceptible to the human ear, but they are very annoying for rodents and insects. The ultrasound will stimulate the nervous system of these pests to make them uncomfortable in their living environment.

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The activated ultrasound repels pests, which means that they no longer feel comfortable in their environment, and are therefore forced to leave the treated area. The performance of the mechanism also depends on its range, Repulse Power can thus cover an area of ​​25 square meters. It is therefore able to repel pests over a large area, and this effectively.

The advantages of Repulse Power   

Repulse Power has countless advantages:

  • Repulse Power is effective: this device is efficient and can adequately repel pests over a large area;
  • Repulse Power is simple to install and easy to use: it is easy to install and handle. Just plug it in and turn it on and it will start treating the space infested with harmful pets;
  • Repulse Power is ecological and natural: the device does not involve the use of chemicals, so it is without risks for human health including the environment.

In addition, Repulse Power is a durable mechanism, since its lifespan is estimated at approximately 5 years.

The shortcomings of Repulse Power

Like any other device, Repulse Power also has some shortcomings. In terms of cost, the device is quite expensive; to acquire it, you have to budget around 80 euros for a single product. In addition, despite its power and efficiency, it has a range limited to 25 square meters. As a shortcoming, we can also mention the fact that Repulse Power does not kill pests, it simply repels them from a given area. 

Repulse Power: what to remember

Repulse Power is a product that helps repel rodents and insects using ultrasound. It is extremely effective and can perfectly repel pests over a wide area. It is an ecological, durable device without risk for human health and nature. Although its cost is quite high and it has a limited range, Repulse Power remains an interesting alternative for eradicating pests from your home.

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